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Let Clean & Brite Pools Get Your Pool Back in Working Order

We love pools, but we also know they can require a lot of maintenance and repair. And with all the equipment involved, things are bound to break and need repair. If you live in the Phoenix & Scottsdale and need pool equipment maintenance and repair, contact Clean and Brite Pools for quick, cost-effective repair services.

We have 13 years of experience dealing with maintenance and repair issues. Dan & Debbie are a husband and wife team dedicated to providing reliable, affordable pool care.

Below are the major maintenance and repair services we can provide. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Filter Type and Backwash

The type of filter you have will determine how often it should be cleaned. A cartridge filter should be cleaned every three to six months, whereas DE and sand filters should be cleaned twice a year. In addition to keeping your pool water clean, it’s important to have your filters serviced to maintain lower electric bills and your pool warranty.

Pumps and Motors

Because the pump and motor work constantly during pool season, a pump or motor failure can easily happen. Clean & Brite will assess the issue and make a recommendation on whether the equipment can be fixed or new equipment needs purchased. We service all brands of pumps and have experience troubleshooting the issues that caused your pool equipment to fail.

Pool Timers and Runtime

There are many factors that can impact your pool runtime. These include family size, frequency of use, exposure, trees, birds, dogs, dirty filters, pool circulation, pollen, clogged lines, and improper equipment. Clean & Brite will assess your pool timer and runtime to ensure it is adjusted properly so that the pool water is being circulated per industry and local codes.

Minor Repairs

Of course, smaller issues may come up that need standard maintenance and repair.
Clean & Brite is trained to handle all types of minor repairs. Enjoy your pool and call the experts at Clean & Brite Pools – no job is too small!

If you have a problem with your pool, however small or large, don’t panic! The experts at Clean & Brite Pools can diagnose and fix the issue quickly and affordably, so you can relax and just enjoy your pool.